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Rip-off rRNA depletion (H-M-R) + VAHTS Universal V6 RNA-seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina® | N406-NR604

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This combo kit provides all components to complete RNA enrichment (N406 Rip-off rRNA depletion for human/mouse/rat) and VAHTS Universal V6 RNA-seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina (NR604 plus VAHTS DNA and RNA clean beads N411 and N412) with a GREAT NEW YEAR PROMOTION 40% DISCOUNT.  This combo kit is specially designed for the preparation of transcriptome libraries for next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms of Illumina®.The kit is universal and suitable for RNA library construction of RNA that have been obtained by Poly(A)-based mRNA enrichment or rRNA depletion . The kit contains two types of cDNA 2nd Strand synthesis buffer, which can be chosen for library construction for non-stranded transcriptome or stranded transcriptome analysis.

This kit combines 2nd Strand cDNA synthesis, end-repair and dA-Tailing into one step, with no need of purification, which greatly simplifies the process of library construction and shortens the operation time.The optimized reaction system improves the library construction efficiency, is compatible with lower-input RNA, and has uniform coverage for different amounts of input-RNA. Libraries of specific sizes, which can be customized, can be obtained after size selections with magnetic beads.


N406 Product Manual (pdf)

NR604 Product Manual (pdf)

N411 Product Manual (pdf)

N412 Product Manual (pdf)


  • Applicable to multiple species: human, mouse, rat, bacterial (optional), etc.
  • Complete rRNA depletion: rRNA depletion rate > 99.9%.
  • Adapt to low-input RNA: Starting from 100 ng of total RNA.
  • Flexible protocols: Four optimized protocols for fragmentation and size-selection.

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All components should be Store at -20°C.



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