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VAHTS mRNA-seq V3 Library Prep Kit for Illumina® | NR611

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VAHTS mRNA-seq V3 Library Prep Kit for Illumina® (Vazyme, #NR611) is specially designed for the libraries preparation of ready-to-use transcriptome for next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms of Illumina. The kit is suited for total RNA of animal, plant, fungal, and other eukaryotes with initial template input of 0.01 μg - 4 μg. The library is prepared through mRNA isolation (from total RNA), fragmentation, synthesis of cDNA, end-repair, adapter-ligation, size selection of library, and library amplification. Magnetic beads for sorting was used to get a specific-length library rapidly, meeting the personalized demands of different experiments. Three separate packages of NR1, NR21 and NR31, containing all enzymes and buffers required for library construction, have passed the quality control and function assay test, maximally promising a stable and repeatable output cDNA library.

As a novel version based on VAHTS mRNA-seq V2 Library Prep Kit for Illumina®, VAHTS mRNA-seq V3 Library Prep Kit for Illumina® simplifies operational processes, increases library transformation efficacy, and is compatible with lower starting inputs with uniform coverage for various starting amounts of RNA.
Product Manual (pdf)


  • Applicable to multiple species: eukaryotic species including Human, mouse, and rat.
  • Adapt to low-input DNA: starting from 10 ng of total RNA.
  • Quick and flexible protocols: 4 optimized protocols for fragmentation and size-selection

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Selected Product Citations

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All components should be NR 1: store at 2 - 8°C. NR 21 & NR31: store at -20°C.


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