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News Item test #1-Wnt


The canonical Wnt signaling pathway plays important roles in regulating cell behaviors in embryogenesis and tissue homeostasis. Recent research has further demonstrated the importance of the Wnt signaling pathway in tumor initiation and progression.
Wnt-C59, first made available by Cellagen Technology, has had its anti-cancer activities published recently in certain prestigious journals. It has demonstrated superb in vitro activity and in vivo bioavailability. Daily administration of Wnt-C59 at 5mg/kg orally prevented the growth of WNT-driven mammary tumors.
In addition to Wnt-C59, Cellagen Technology provides the following modulators against different targets along the Wnt pathway:
An indirect Wnt signaling activator. It is the most potent and selective GSK3β inhibitor published so far, has been widely used in promoting mesoderm differentiation and neural differentiation of ESCs, and generating iPS cells.
A Wnt pathway inhibitor.  It is a potent tankyrase inhibitor blocking β-catenin-mediated transcription through axin stabilization.
Cellagen Technology is committed to providing high quality research tool compounds from latest publications. It was the first to launch commercially available StemRegenin 1 (SR1), Kartogenin (KGN), Hh-Ag1.5, SF1670 , Spautin-1 and Leukadherin-1 etc in the past, and now the ITD compounds are the latest tools made available to research community by Cellagen Technology.
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