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It is well accepted that microRNAs (miRNAs) play a key role in stem cell self-renewal, differentiation, and reprogramming 1. More recent studies have demonstrated that specific miRNAs can significantly promote reprogramming of somatic cells toward pluripotency, or substitute reprogramming transcription factors. Furthermore, it was reported that direct transfection of synthetic mature miRNAs (a combination of miR200c/miR302s/miR369s families) alone 2 allowed generation of mouse and human iPSCs without any genetic modifications. Those studies opened up the possibilities of using these synthetic mature miRNAs to enable or facilitate reprogramming experiments in different studies.

Product Details:

Cat# Description ddH2O for 20μM stock miRBase Accession Molecular Weight
K6471-5 1 unit each of following product
N2003-5 hsa-miR200c-3p mimics (5 nmol) 250 µL MIMAT0000617 14639.9
N3021-5 hsa-miR302a mimics (5 nmol) 250 µL MIMAT0000684 14624.9
N3022-5 hsa-miR302b mimics (5 nmol) 250 µL MIMAT0000715 14609.9
N3023-5 hsa-miR302c mimics (5 nmol) 250 µL MIMAT0000717 14639.9
N3024-5 hsa-miR302d mimics (5 nmol) 250 µL MIMAT0000718 14624.9
N3693-5 hsa-miR369-3p mimics (5 nmol) 250 µL MIMAT0000721 13294.1
N3695-5 hsa-miR369-5p mimics (5 nmol) 250 µL MIMAT0001621 14004.5
N0000-1 miR-negative control (1 nmol) 50 µL N/A 13959.4
N1111-5 Cell Death transfection efficiency
control siRNA (5 nmol)
250 µL Proprietary  

Note: 5 nmol of miRNA is enough for 400 transfections in 6-well plate under normal condition

Technical information:

Package:   Each vial contains freeze-dried synthetic RNA at indicated amount
Purity:   90-95% by HPLC
Quality Control:   Each RNA strand was validated to have correct mass
Basic Protocol:   1. Add indicated amount of RNAase-free water to make 20 µM stock solution, aliquote and store at -80oC for longer shelf life (up to 12 months), avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
2. Optimize the transfection condition using Cell Death control siRNA in 24 well. Parameter needed to be optimized: transfection reagent, amount of transfection reagent, and amount of siRNA. The effect of Cell Death siRNA can be observed 48-72 hours post transfection under microscope.
3. Use the optimized conditions for miRNA experiment. Repeated transfection is needed for sustained effects over a long period of time.


1. Sridharan and Plath, Small RNAs loom large during reprogramming. Cell Stem Cell 8, 599-601, (2011).
2. Miyoshi et al. Reprogramming of mouse and human cells to pluripotency using mature microRNAs. Cell Stem Cell 8, 633-638, (2011).
3. Anokye-Danso et al. Highly efficient miRNA-mediated reprogramming of mouse and human somatic cells to pluripotency. Cell Stem Cell 8, 376-388, (2011).
4. Subramanyam et al. Multiple targets of miR-302 and miR-372 promote reprogramming of human fibroblasts to induced pluripotent stem cells. Nat Biotechnol. 29, 443-448, (2011).
5. Melton et al. Opposing microRNA families regulate self-renewal in mouse embryonic stem cells. Nature 463, 621-626, (2010).
6. Judson et al. Embryonic stem cell-specific microRNAs promote induced pluripotency. Nat Biotechnol. 27, 459-461, (2009).

Other Information:

Product Specification (pdf)
MSDS (pdf)

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