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Ribo-off rRNA Depletion kit (Plant) | N409

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The Ribo-off rRNA depletion kit (Plant) (Vazyme, #N409) is designed to deplete rRNA (including 5S, 18S and 25S rRNA) from total RNA of plant roots, seeds and leaves

and to obtain mRNA and other non-coding RNA. This kit is suitable for removing rRNA from 1 μg - 5μg of plant total RNA. rRNA is depleted by rRNA-toprobe
hybridization, RNase H digestion, and DNaseI digestion steps. The retained mRNA and other non-coding RNA can be used for LncRNA and
other non-coding RNAs analysis.
This kit contains digestion probes targeting of mitochondrial rRNA and chloroplast rRNA. It can efficiently remove major rRNAs from a variety of plant
species and provide the most informative sequencing results. This kit is applicable for both intact and degraded RNA samples. The resulting
rRNA-depleted RNA is suitable for RNA library construction and other downstream experiments.

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Selected Product Citations

  1. He YM, et al. Transitory presence of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in neonates is critical for control of inflammation. Nature Medicine, 2018. 24(2):224-23. Pubmed ID: 29334374




All components should be Store at -20°C.



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